The Challenge

Our collective cynicism concerning politics is based on the devolution of 'a good idea turned bad'.  Democracy only functions with accountable politicians - and voters who hold them accountable.

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Current Reality

Party politics has replaced ethical, accountable and transparent politics.  Political parties control candidates - not the voter who elects that candidate.  Free votes, where elected MLA’s or MP’s are free to vote the wishes of the electorate rather than ‘party solidarity’ enforced by caucus whips, is needed - and needed now.

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Independent Candidates (including Candidates Accountable Firstly to the Constituents) Endorsed

Individuals can again regain control of our political future and hold politicians accountable.  Candidates can, and should, commit first to their constituents - the people who elect them. If the best candidate does run for a party, that candidate should pledge to first represent his/her constituents, then his/her conscience and third - his/her party.

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A Manageable Challenge


Many people currently distrust politics - and politicians.  In our opinion, with good reason.  Politics in BC has devolved from a democratic principle in which elected representatives are supposed to be accountable to the people who elect them - instead, to accountability to partisan political parties who represent firstly their own vested interests but also the interests of party contributors who are blurring the lines between true democratic accountability and transparency.

Follow the money - and you will find out who's interest is being represented.  Before the voter.  Before the taxpayer.  Before the BC resident who is only able to cast one vote - and who subsequently has no legal means to ensure the integrity, accountability and transparency of the elected representative.



Next Steps...

What can be done?  We can return to the principles of democracy - of representation.  Candidates representing their constituents - the very people whose vote they have sought and received.  We are committed to achieving that goal - in time for the next BC Provincial Election.