About Us

vernon group

Our Approach

We identify with a growing movement of voters in all jurisdictions at both the provincial and the federal level who are becoming increasingly cynical about the evolution (or is it devolution?) of the 'political party' system - and it's consequences.  It can be strongly argued that the partisanship model of government has not resulted in better government - just 'more' government and 'self-serving', 'self-interest', 'self-preservation' government, to the detriment of the very electorate who has created (and financed, through taxes) that government.

Our Story

Where did this movement to independent elected representatives start?  It is really a return to the very foundation of democracy.  Human beings seem to have a bad habit of turning a good 'idea' into a questionable 'result'.  Political engagement has become less about 'the greatest good for the greatest number' instead becoming 'the greatest opportunity to maintain power and control' through an elaborate and sanctioned mechanism intended to minimize the rights of the electorate - and maximize the benefit to the political elite.  Our goal and resolve is to re-open the discussion (and the eyes) of voters so that we can collectively reclaim the political process - and consequences.

Meet some of the Contributors

We have not 'started' the movement to greater accountability, transparency and integrity in politics but we are committed to helping the movement grow and succeed through open, honest and thoughtful dialogue and discussion.  There is a groundswell of justifiable concern and distrust among the general public concerning how we have collectively allowed ourselves to be governed and regulated.  Basic freedoms (and the responsibilities associated) have been usurped by elected officials and the underlying bureaucracy and we, the public, have allowed this distortion of democracy to take place.  It is time to take back that which is the inherent right and responsibility of each of us.  It is time to restore accountability and transparency.


Glen Walushka


The time for apathy and silent acquiescence has long passed.  We can, and are obligated to, make a difference.


Janet Green


Political commentator & former candidate for office, both provincially and federally, in the Province of BC.


Ian Tribes


Past CA President and political commentator.  Well versed in political history and philosophy.

Next Steps...

Information, and the dissemination of information, is now as easy as accessing your computer or smartphone.  Technology has allowed us the ability to once again participate - directly, in a political process that is vital to the future of all of us - and future generations.  Get involved.  Take action.