Afraid to be Conservative?

In spite of the unassailable fact that both Donald Trump and Doug Ford received a compelling, decisive mandate by embracing and vocally trumpeting their conservative values & intentions once elected, the leadership of most provincial and federal Conservative Parties remain afraid to be conservative.

The election in the US of outsider (outside the Swamp) Trump and the recent Ontario triumph of Doug Ford should prove that the pendulum of public support is returning to conservative, fiscal accountability & reduction/elimination of rampant government interference & regulations that destroy individual freedoms & opportunities.

The left (including the Main Stream Media Propaganda sycophants) are apoplectic, virtually frothing at the mouth in their rage - and their unbalanced vindictiveness.

The vitriol being hurtled at conservatives is incessant. Social media giants are key contributors in attempting (sometimes successfully) to suppress the conservative voice - and the conservative messengers.

Facebook deliberately (with malice aforethought) suppresses conservative narratives, including advertising.  Twitter executives have been caught on hidden video confirming the practice of ‘shadow-banning’, making it almost impossible to search for conservative posts and their authors.

The Main Stream Media is a virtual subsidiary of Leftist, Globalist messiahs, having wholly abandoned any pretence of journalistic integrity.

One might think that the Champions of the Conservative Movement would ‘double down’ on their messaging, indignant at the hypocrisy of the Left (including their slavish Media) and buoyed by the obvious, empirical evidence that tough minded, tough talking conservatives can indeed win elections - in spite of the odds and the forces assembled against them.

One would be wrong - with very few exceptions.

Federally, the ‘Afraid to Be’ Conservative Party of Canada is doing it’s best to be a second rate Liberal Party clone - instead of a conservative alternative.  The current misguided brain trust of the CPC has offered the following:

  1.  Support for Paris Accord on Climate.  (Except the CPC’s version will be fair, not punitive to Canadian taxpayers & industry - and not called a Carbon Tax).  Sure.  The same lie the Liberals spin - only with the CPC brand stamp of approval.  In spite of the fact that Ontario, Saskatchewan - and soon Alberta (once Jason Kenney ousts Rachel Notley & the NDP) will soon challenge the notion of a unilaterally imposed national Carbon Tax all the way to the Supreme Court.  And, should the provinces lose there because of complicit Liberal appointed judges, there is always the weapon known as the ‘Not Withstanding’ clause.  So, Andrew Scheer (and your questionable advisor Hamish Marshall), why not support the Ontario voter, the Saskatchewan voter and soon, the Alberta voter?  Call the Carbon Tax what it is - an ideological, punitive tax grab that benefits no one except those pursuing a globalist, nonsensical false environmental agenda.  Measures that restrict the ability of Canadians (and Canadian companies) to compete and succeed in a competitive global arena cannot legitimately be supported by a Conservative Party.  Renounce the Paris Accord as a 'says lots does little' resolution without any impact other than political.  China's targets are virtually meaningless.  So are India's.  The US under Trump has had the courage to state that it will no longer attempt to meet ridiculously punitive targets.  It is about time that the CPC had the courage to publicly denounce unrealistic, probably unattainable (without severely damaging the economy) emission goals that benefit no one other than the participating politicians as a photo op.  Protect our fossil fuel economic engine.  We have already slipped behind other petroleum producers in a competitive world market because of ridiculous Liberal Party punitive, politically driven measures.
  2. Support for Supply Management. Notwithstanding that Canada’s Supply Management model is a ‘deal breaker’ in NAFTA negotiations, severely criticized by the EU and other trading partners, a demonstrable inequitable ‘hidden tax’ on Canadian consumers and unsustainable in the view of a multitude of objective, unbiased economic assessments and ‘think tank’ published papers, the CPC under Andrew Scheer continues to publicly support Supply Side Management.  Australia and New Zealand have already successfully phased out their quota system - and almost all benefitted, consumers and producers alike.  Why not stand for laissez faire economic principles?  Why not let the free market work as it does with the cattle industry, the grain industry, the greenhouse industry?   Why allow a privileged few to protect their industries from risks that virtually all other producers and industries must bear?   And give your conservative heads a shake.  The beneficiaries of the protected ‘quota industries’ are, for the most part, going to support the Liberals in any event.  Those entitled producers know which socialists will really protect their industries.  
  3. The following letter from a group of both 'large' and 'small' 'c' conservatives to Andrew Scheer, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, highlights and underscores a number of issues that are currently dividing the CPC as issues that are philosophically unsupportable and policy aberrations to the basic fundamentals of conservatism.  Most troublesome to those who believe in freedom of expression and accountability is that there has been absolutely no acknowledgement or response from Mr. Scheer or anyone else involved in the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.  It appears that all the CPC wants is the financial support of CPC members, not active discussion, participation or accountability on issues that are common to most, if not all, Canadians.
Leader of HM Loyal Canadian Opposition
Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada :
We, the undersigned, being long-time Conservatives, and advocates of prosperity through individual liberty, are greatly concerned with the current state of affairs vis-a-vis the Conservative Party of Canada.  We deem it essential that the following recommendations should be implemented immediately :
1.  That the CPC must DROP its support for so-called "Supply Management" in any and all sectors of the Canadian economy.  The perpetuation of these systems is not only contrary to the most basic principles of modern Conservatism, they are financially detrimental to most Canadian businesses and consumers as well.  When you have (hopefully) formed a government, your main duty will be to implement policies that PROVIDE BENEFIT, OR AT THE VERY LEAST, DO NO HARM, to the greatest possible number of individual Canadian citizens and legal residents  --  not to protect the monopolies of small cliques of well-off and vocal special interest groups.  This fact should be painfully obvious to you.
2.  The CPC must also drop its support of the Trudeau government's "retaliatory" tariff increases on on various imports of US origin.   Your duty on this file, clearly, is to make the Canadian public see and understand the truth -- namely, that these tariff increases will do nothing except to increase their own cost of living , and that the Federal government already levies stiff tariffs and duties on literally hundreds of imports (from the US and elsewhere), often at levels exceeding 200 %.   The previous Conservative government did have plans to address this issue, we would remind you.
3.  The CPC must demand that the Bank of Canada immediately change course and take concrete steps to restore the value and purchasing power of the Canadian dollar, to a level at least on par with the US dollar.  It should also demand that the preservation of the C$'s purchasing power become the Bank's primary mission once again, as was originally intended.  The greatest act of treason that any government can commit against its people is the debasement of the nation's currency.  For in so doing, it also debases the value of every citizen's labour ; his ingenuity ; her entrepreneurial spirit and courage ; his thrift.  The devaluation of all this cannot be allowed to continue simply for the sake of further enriching a small number of people at the top of the export sectors.
4.  That you, as CPC Leader, mend fences with Beauce MP Maxime Bernier and accept him back into both Caucus and the Shadow Cabinet.  Mr. Bernier's close second-place finish in the CPC leadership race indicates that he has broad support with the Party membership, and the recent (mis-) treatment of him risks alienating as much as half of said membership, as well as our supporters among the general electorate.  The Trudeau government is doing great harm to our great nation every day it continues in office ;  it MUST be defeated in 2019.  We will not accomplish this if our Party is split down the middle.
You will note, sir, that none of these can really be described as  a "Right" of "Left" issue ;  rather, each is simply an issue of right and wrong.  A true conservative, and we hope we can say, a true Conservative, never does wrong for the sake of expediency ;  we always endeavour to do what's right.  Not because it will gain us applause, or gain a few more votes, or secure anybody's "legacy", but because it is right to do, and therefore ought to be done.
Our membership, and the general public, expect the Conservative Party of Canada to be the adults of Federal politics, and to always be on the side of what is right -- morally and factually.  The four items above, once implemented, will set the Party back on the straight path, and give the people of Canada something to vote FOR in 2019.
Although we are aware that you are extremely busy, we would request a direct response from you regarding this letter.  If this fails to materialize within ten days of transmission, we will have no choice but to copy this letter to all major news outlets (Global, the CBC, the National Post, Globe & Mail, etc.) as an open letter to you.  For obvious reasons, we would rather not do this.  But the necessity of defeating the Trudeau government next year requires of us that we be willing do what is necessary to ensure the electorate a true conservative option for their government.
Ian D Tribes
Glen Walushka
Janet Green
Wayne McGrath
Art Robatzek
Bob Reid

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