Candidates Asserting Independence – Guaranteeing Accountability

Nicholas Wong South Delta Right for BC Endorsed Candidate

With little more than month to go before the 2017 BC provincial election, thankfully some highly credible and legitimate independent candidates are declaring their intent to contest MLA seats in their respective constituencies.

Why thankfully?

For at least a few reasons.

  1.  To provide the prospect of a minority government – a legislature than cannot be ‘bullied’ by a single political party imposing its will on all BC residents without broadbased support across the political spectrum.
  2. To ensure that ‘accountability’ is not a ‘throwaway buzzword’ to be tossed into the nearest garbage can once a legislative majority is ensured.  We’re speaking of accountability to the people who elect our MLA’s – instead of accountability to self-serving entrenched political parties with their doctrines cemented in political dogma enforced by party whips and ‘caucus solidarity’ dictates.
  3. To restore some trust in a political system that has resulted in well-deserved cynicism and distrust resulting from continuous and ongoing revelations of government corruption, unethical practices and too often, insensitivity to the real needs of the BC residents and voters.
  4. To send the message that, while we are not the US voters (who had to choose between a rock and a hard place) in order to expose their absolute disgust concerning an entitled and insensitive political system rightly nicknamed ‘ the swamp’, we need a mechanism to clearly indicate that we are not prepared to accept the status quo any longer.

There are a number of political parties that have already made major commitments to ‘winning’ the 2017 provincial election but a closer analysis of the parties doesn’t provide a lot of comfort – or confidence that we, the BC voters will be ‘winners’ after the 2017 results are known.

The ruling BC Liberals are clearly past their ‘best before’ date – a consequence of being in power for too long (power corrupts) and showing increasing and ongoing signs that they have deliberately and with malice aforethought put the interests of their own political party, their financial backers and their patronage friends far ahead of the interests of the average BC resident and voter.  The BC Liberals refuse to own up to their mounting litany of mistakes and irresponsible actions – and they must be punished at the polls in 2017.

Turning our backs on the Liberals, however, opens up the door to the NDP – a party that has a checkered and unpalatable track record of policy and financial mismanagement.  The BC economy is nowhere near as robust as the taxpayer financed ads would indicate. It would not be a stretch of the imagination for BC taxpayers to fall victim to the same catastrophic economic collapse that has throttled the neighbouring Alberta economy under the misdirection of Rachel Notley and her NDP cronies.

The Green Party under Andrew Weaver has recently declared it to be an environmental champion of monumental proportion – on the back of you, the BC taxpayer.  All resource based economic activity will virtually be halted and BC will be thrown into a similar economic collapse as may be envisioned under the NDP.  While stewardship of the environment and resources is a concern of all BC residents, the Green Party plan would virtually ensure a decline in the Gross Domestic Product of BC and dictate massive tax increases with dramatically lowered purchasing power for all BC residents.

The BC Conservative Party is simply a chaotic mess.  Broke, accused of ongoing internal hijinks resulting in ongoing internally generated law suits and reportedly infiltrated by both Liberal and NDP operatives, the BC Conservative Party is currently not a viable option for any responsible BC voter.

The Action Party of BC?  No announced candidates to date – and no track record, either in debates, declared policy platform initiatives or broad-based support.

The Libertarians?  The usual fringe party, complete with fringe party ideas and fringe party candidates.

The Rhinosaurus Party?  See above.

There are, no doubt, other fringe parties that could also be referenced but our analysis of the political spectrum has concluded that the best, most accountable and most transparent option for the BC voter is to encourage and support independent candidates.

Only independent candidates have the direct responsibility firstly (and only) to the very voters who have elected them.

Independent candidates do not need to compromise their own principles, ignore the needs of their respective communities and constituencies nor ‘bow to the will of the party’ when it comes to self-serving political agendas and doctrine.

We are extremely pleased that a number of highly qualified, thoughtful and committed individuals have stepped forward in this, the 2017 BC general election, to advance the basic premise of democracy through indisputed accountability and responsibility to the voters who would elect them to a position of high fiduciary trust.

As the weeks progress, Right for BC will continue to highlight independent candidates who meet the stringent tests of genuine qualifications, clear commitment to accountability including transparency as well a resolve to become a ‘trustee’ for the well-being and needs of their respective constituents.

This week, we are proud to introduce Nicholas Wong, the independent candidate for South Delta.  Nicholas seeks to continue the strong, accountable legacy of the retiring independent MLA Vicki Huntington who has demonstrated that independent candidates can be incredibly effective and productive in the BC legislature.

Click below for our first online interview with Nicholas Wong.  Nicholas is articulate, committed to his constituents and his voter base and he is knowledgeable in matters that relate to South Delta and its challenges.  Who better to represent the South Delta residents than a young, savvy Millenial who understands the need to continue Vicki Huntington’s stewardship and responsible, ethical behaviour, both in and outside of the BC legislature?

Right for BC is pleased to designate Nicholas Wong as our first ‘Independent Candidate Endorsed (I.C.E.)’ MLA candidate in 2017.

Note:  Nicholas Wong has also won the personal endorsement of Vicki Huntington.  High praise.

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