Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions.  We have answers.  Some of the time.  And some of the answers.  That is why you need to choose independent candidates with open minds and high ethical standards who will be responsive and accountable.  Candidates who will strive to answer  your questions - and provide answers that make sense to you.  Candidates who will do their homework, on your behalf, to ensure that the answers are right for BC - not partisan motivated.

What (Who) Is Right for BC?

Right for BC is a group of unaffiliated BC residents who strongly believe that the current political model is seriously, and potentially dangerously, flawed.  But fixable with a return to basic democratic accountability and transparency.

Can't existing political parties become more accountable?

Of course.  But what is the likelihood?  There is an old adage.  'Follow the money'.  Political parties are made up of individuals who may have the greatest of intentions but entry into politics can be expensive.  Parties are always asking for donations and contributions.

The BC government has an entire department 'Elections BC' which essentially monitors and provides accounting for all of the money that BC residents and corporations spend on political campaigns and patronage, among other purposes.

Political parties inevitably pander to the interests of those who spend or 'invest' the most money in the party.  Human nature is what it is.

Our cynical, but realistic, assessment is that political parties can be bought.  In fact, we assert that political parties are regularly bought - by the highest bidder.  To the detriment of the voter in a constituency.

Does Right for BC endorse any candidates?

Not at the moment.  Going into the 2017 we, just like most BC voters and groups, are looking for the 'best candidate for the job'.  The job of governing our province with accountability, transparency and a return to a system whereby voting is not done on 'party lines' or 'caucus dictates' but instead, based on the merits and benefit of each piece of introduced legislation.

Will we be endorsing candidates?  Absolutely.  As soon as independent candidates come forward and declare their intention to run for office, Right for BC will allow them the opportunity of spreading their message through our resources, including 'town hall' meetings set up on the Internet, weekly audio podcasts, web presence through Twitter, Periscope and other online multimedia and other vehicles necessary to convey an independent candidate's message to the voter.