Disclaimer and Clarification

It is critical to clarify what Right for BC is – and what it is not.  This clarification and disclaimer is required for legal reasons as well as good, old-fashioned, ‘common sense’ reasons.

Right for BC (rightforbc.com, rightforbc.ca) is:

  1. A web presence and a ‘portal’ whereby like minded ‘deep thinkers’, political observers and politically conscious BC residents can air thoughts, share views and information and have an ongoing discussion of political issues and challenges in the Province of BC.
  2. Right for BC et al professes no political affiliation or alliance with any political party, past, present or future.
  3. Right for BC et al fully supports and promotes the historical concept of ‘independent’ political candidates and voter representation in diametrically opposed contrast to the explicit partisanship and special interests of registered and regulated political parties.
  4. Right for BC et al encourages ‘blog’ participation and commentary from all forms and manners of political participants in an open forum which will still be first and foremost biased to the concept of local accountability from elected representatives to the individuals who cast their individual and collective specific votes in ridings rather than the influences and directives of registered political parties.
  5. Right for BC et al will promote the growing movement of voter awareness and voter dissatisfaction in the ‘status quo’ political organizations that have the ability to bias the utilization of public funds and public policy, including legislation, in favour of ‘special interests’ and ‘Party Policies and Platforms’.
  6. Right for BC et al will encourage all independent candidates and MLA’s to share ideas, concepts and initiatives that are deemed to be beneficial to both the requirements and the ‘best outcome’ for both their specific riding constituents as well as BC voters and residents, collectively.
  7. Right for BC et al will account as a media outlet for the dissemination of information that it deems pertinent or of interest to the residents of the Province of BC.

Right for BC (rightforbc.com, rightforbc.ca) is not:

  1. An entity that falls under the legislative jurisdiction of Elections BC as defined in the legislation.
  2. Right for BC et al does not accept funds from individuals or organizations in an attempt to bypass existing legislative guidelines and control.
  3. Right for BC et al does not provide funds for individual candidates or political parties.
  4. Right for BC et al does not provide tax receipts for political purposes as defined under legislation.
  5. Right for BC et al does not represent itself, in any way, shape or form, as a political party, a quasi-political party or a legal entity that falls under the jurisdiction of political purview as defined by the legislation.

Given the foregoing disclaimers and clarifications, Right for BC et al is a collective of individuals who are currently attempting to refocus on basic, historical democratic principles whereby elected representatives are firstly, and fore mostly accountable to the very people who have elected them to a position of fiduciary trust and accountability.  Transparency, disclosure and accountability will be the cornerstones of the Right to BC movement on a fully inclusive and engaged basis.


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