Media for the Message

A political candidate, partisan or independent, has a message.  Democracy requires that the voter can hear and evaluate that message.  In its entirety.  Without filtering by 'conventional' media pundits.

Right for BC is a means for independent candidates and political commentators to deliver that message - utilizing the new tools of the 21st century - Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, audio blogs, editorial blogs, online forums and debates as well as many others.

Forums for Debate and Discussion

Conventional 'old style' media including televised debates and radio debates have become 'exclusionary' and biased to the advertiser or media provider providing a 'filtered' product.  Candidates are arbitrarily excluded if deemed politically expedient or in some cases, politically expendable.

Right for BC will ensure that all candidates are given an opportunity to participate and share views in a public forum with time to share ideas, a political vision - and also to answer questions from the voting public.

Portal Access

Independent candidates and their support organization often does not have the financial or the physical means to access all of the services to mount an effective and successful campaign.

Right for BC will 'even the playing field' by facilitating the coordination of independent candidates, candidate campaign teams and supporters to the 'supply side' of goods and services.


Levelling the Playing Field

One of the great appeals of being a candidate for a 'party' is the possibility of an election 'war chest' that provides adequate funding to run a successful campaign.  Right for BC provides a low cost and equally effective alternative for the independent candidate, incorporating multimedia facilities, video and audio presentations, live streaming capability, online distribution and more.  Affordably.  So money is spent on getting elected - without having to repay the debt or 'favours' owed to significant financial contributors.

Physical and Virtual Facilities

Sometimes you need a place to conduct your business.  Sometimes you need to be accessible on the Internet and available in the virtual world.  Right for BC provides both environments, as required, and as time and affordability allows.


Next Steps...

If you are contemplating becoming an independent candidate, or if you are looking to becoming involved in the political process, provincially, federally - even municipally, you should consider contacting Right for BC to see if there is a fit for sharing our resources with your campaign.