What Do We Mean By “Right For BC”?

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In the coming days and weeks there will be many articles posted on this blog, by myself and other contributors, on a variety of policy topics -- taxation, infrastructure spending, delivery of healthcare, and many more.   But you may be wondering exactly what we mean when we say that our policy prescriptions are right for BC, and as you have every right to ask, I thought it might be a good idea to begin with a brief explanation.

Does it mean we are "right-of-centre", or "small 'c'conservatives"?  Some of our contributors might define themselves as either or both, to be sure.  I personally lean towards libertarianism, and usually classify myself as a Classical Liberal (a VERY different thing from modern Trudeau-style pseudo-Liberals), and we may sometimes offer differing, even opposing views on certain subjects.  But we all will share one over-arching belief : that human beings are free by nature, and that governments have no business arbitrarily interfering in people's economic or personal affairs.  We also share another belief : that all government policy should be designed to benefit the greatest possible number of people, or at least, as in the case of taxation, do them as little harm as possible.  That is why the policy ideas you will see presented here are right for BC, and for anywhere else too -- because they are the morally, ethically, and logically right courses of action, and therefore ought to be done.

Thus, you will read articles proposing significant changes to the current tax structure, to make sure that it is fair and that no one is penalized for what he earns, whether it be at the top or the bottom of the income scale.  There will be plans laid out for modernizing our transport infrastructure, to truly open our province for business and create opportunities for all residents, regardless of which corner of BC they live in.  We will speak of healthcare, and how to improve service and outcomes without breaking the bank (any more than it already has been).  Long-needed reforms to Crown Corporations will be a hot topic, no doubt, particularly when everybody's favorite, ICBC comes up for discussion!

An especially important issue will be that of MLA independence -- the idea that MLAs should not feel obliged to toe the party line on every issue -- or any issue, really -- but that the needs of their constituents and their own conscience should always be their guiding lights.  We openly encourage candidates to run as Independents, which would leave them automatically free from all the pressure to conform that  elected MLAs constantly experience ; but we will give the seal of approval to any candidate, of any party, who will sign our Pledge (more on that in a future post) and thereby commit himself or herself to serving her constituents first, and to supporting only those policies that are "Right For BC".

Stay tuned.


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