Writ Drops – and with it, a Plea for Independent Candidates.


April 11, 2017.  Today the writ to elect a new BC government drops. I watch with concern and dismay as the Christy Clark Liberals arrogantly endorse lobbyists as candidates and accept large donations from special interest groups, just to mention a few recent unacceptable irregularities. This Liberal government has racked up a debt of 65 Billion dollars, epitomizing the concerns of “Generation Screwed”.

How will the Millennials and Gen X’s vote on May 9?  Did we learn anything from the Alberta/ Rachel Notley disaster or will a young and disenchanted group of British Columbians be saying “Anything is better than the Christy Clark Liberals.”  Are the doors wide open for the NDP to insert their costly social programs, further increasing the provincial debt? Will the Green Party gain any traction?

As a right leaning individual, I had foolishly thought that the BC Conservative Party would get its act together by 2017 and would offer us a fiscally responsible option to the current dilemma.   Predictably, the BC Conservative Party has self-destructed – again at election time.  The Board has once again collapsed of its own volition, but one must acknowledge that the infiltration by the NDP has not helped.

Most telling is the web page.   Today, the day the writ drops, and the BC Conservative Party has no events planned.  Is this a serious party? I think not!  They are still attempting to recover from another failed leadership initiative with another reported law suit hanging over their head.  The coffers are empty and a novel but disturbing revenue initiative is in place- selling candidacies.

You can now run under the Conservative banner for an upfront payment of  $1,100 (with $500 refundable if you limp along to the finish line).  The election now becomes a fund raiser for this faltering group, and vetting of candidates becomes secondary. Be careful what you vote for!

The Rebel made it clear: “Socialist takeover continues: NDP ties of two BC Conservative candidates raises questions.”

I reside in a riding that historically is Liberal provincially, but Conservative federally.  Yes, we are one of those BC aberrations and while we have a small Green Party element, they have not attracted strong enough candidates to make any inroads into this community. Liberals play the old card, “Vote Liberal or the NDP will get in”.  Shades of Alberta looming and I am left with either voting for the best candidate –regardless of the Party affiliation or voting for the corrupt and self-entitled Liberal Party. But how can I possibly vote Liberal?

Independent candidates are the only answer to our dilemma. Please, would someone run as an Independent Candidate in my Constituency?  Will someone run who will take care of local concerns rather than paying ‘lip service’ to the Party mantra?

I am pleased to note that there are a number of Independent Candidates running in ridings throughout BC.   Elections BC (April 8th) show 17 independent candidates in 14 ridings.  Think about the impact of electing all independent candidates in all 14 ridings. One could hope the result would be a minority government, with the Independent Candidates playing a pivotal role in restoring accountability in the legislature.

Let’s get behind these independent candidates and make sure that we select candidates who represent the electorate instead of the Party.

Check out rightforbc.org.  Support and encourage your independent candidates who have the courage to campaign without Party support.  Vote your independent candidate whenever possible. It is not a wasted vote.  You may be electing a candidate who holds the deciding vote in a minority government.

Janet Green

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